How we work


1. Tools

We use modern tools to research, contact and manage candidates all the way to presentation. In this process, we make use of our own detailed databases with insider information. But what makes us truly unique is our skill in addressing individual candidates. Our experienced team of consultants research and contact the suitable candidates for a vacancy, and accompany them throughout all interview stages right up to the moment they sign the contract.

2. Interviewing

Each consultant conducts interviews with candidates in person and provides a comprehensive written analysis before they are presented to the company. This profile makes it easier to then gain the most important information quickly and precisely in the presentation interview. We then collaborate in the decision-making process and provide our recommendation.

3. International presence

We have successfully filled vacancies for executives and specialists in over 30 countries. Depending on the project, we either conduct our search for candidates from Germany or through one of our local partners. Either way, we take responsibility for recruiting and ensuring a successful outcome in every project.