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Legal notes

Responsible for the content in terms of the Teledienstgesetz / TMG (German Teleservices Act):

USP Sundermann Consulting
Company owner: Ernst-August Sundermann
Wilhelm-Theodor-Römheld-Straße 14
D 55130 Mainz
Phone: +49(0)6131 921230

VAT Reg No.: DE149206750

Declaration: We fully endorse and support the provisions of the GETA (General Equal Treatment Act) without any restrictions or reservations. This applies not only to our job postings, but also to the full content of all other items on our homepage. For the sake of easier readability, we normally use only one gender form. When we speak about "candidates", for example, this is invariably and without exception meant to address both male and female candidates. The same principle applies to all other comparable terms and expressions published in only one gender form.

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